Information and Media Literacy–A NEVER ENDING LEARNING EXPERIENCE!

With the World Wide Web as a highway, one can get lost and deceived into believing any number of things.  One of my students came to me once to tell me that Martin Luther King was not a nice person at all and they proceeded to show me a HOAX website on the subject.  As educators we have a vitally important job!  We need to teach our students how to critically evaluate the information and media that they find on the Internet.  I have developed a visual display of the type of instruction to which I am referring using a tool at Mind42.  You may access it at .  I am also attaching some useful information that I have used in the past to teach information literacy.  I am attaching two powerpoints entitled BeyondGoogle-EvaluationWeb along with InternetSafety.  As you will see from my mind map, I believe that teaching information and media literacy involves many aspects.  It includes teaching students about Internet safety, about search techniques, about domain names and country codes, and about critically evaluating websites.  I also suggested in the map that perhaps some searches are best done using a directory.  The search results in a directory are sites that have been previously evaluated by a professional for accuracy and validity.  The next time you perform a search on the Internet maybe you will be thinking for more critically as you examine the results!